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(Get Together of Brides & Grooms organized by Shubhmangal from time to time.)

Get together of eligible Brides & Grooms means for setting of marriage and providing them detailed information by use of modern technology for taking decision in short time.

We have been following system for arranging marriages over a long period of time. We are all aware of that the system is time consuming and expensive. No doubt some procedures for arranged marriages are good but some of them need revision in view of present time wherein Brides & Grooms are busy in various fields and have to take important decision like marriage based on full and correct information.

First step of arranged marriages is collection of data of eligible Brides & Grooms and thereafter arrange their meeting along with a numbers of relatives on both sides at a convenient place. Decision in respect of acceptance of the proposal or otherwise is advised to the other party after a lapse of time and during that period both the parties have nothing to do but to wait for the communication. In case it is negative again the same procedure is followed and therefore it is quite time consuming and in fact irritating.

To overcome this problem and keeping pace with old & new good procedure of the traditional system in the coming 21st century the Shubhmangal has proposed to organize get together of Brides & Grooms at a common place after getting required information about income, caste, height, expectations etc. in advance so that likely match could be short listed in advance. This helps to reduce time for taking decision since Brides & Grooms gets introduced and discuss details with comfort.